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Somali government hand over medical supply to Bardhere hospital

Federal government of Somalia has supplied cartons of medical items ranging from scissors, syringes, IV fluids, sterile gloves and antibiotics to several hospitals in Bardhere town amid the town severely hit medical shortage.

The manager of one the beneficiaries, Ganaane Hospital, Hindi Farah, thanked federal for the supply.

“This is an important and beneficial contribution to the patients especially inpatients because we received beds, mattresses, pillows and medicine that we believe we will be using for months for both the inpatient and outpatient. This is the first supply we received from our federal government. We expect more donations” she said.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony held in Bardhere town, deputy district commissioner, Hussein Abdille Halane said that the supply is part of the of the impact project implementation plan the government is undertaking in the many areas in collaboration with its partners to provide continuity of basic and social services.

Bardhere town used to be the largest stronghold for Al-Shabab’s top officials and its foreign jihadist fighters before they fled after heavy military assault by the Somali government forces and the African Union mission in Somalia [AMISOM].