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Somali government in talk with Ahlu-Sunna over central state formation

Storyline:National News

OdawaaAs Somali central state formation conference is progressing towards its final stages, there are many challenges which protruding from the sideways, the latest being Ahlu-Sunna’s declaration of denouncing the government and any outcome of the conference.
Somali government is carrying out initiatives to converge those who are not satisfied with the state formation process and the protocol of the conference.
Minister of internal affairs and federalism, Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein (Odawa)who is currently in Adado town has expressed hope over the progression of the state formation conference.
“Within this week the delegates will debate and ratify regional charter then to precede with the selection of an Interim regional assembly of Somali central regions” he said.
Statement issued from the minister’s office expressed that there is ongoing consultation with Ahlu-Sunna Waljamaa on Somali central state formation.
“Ahlu-Sunna is participating the conference and it takes part in the peace process and the formation of regional state for Galgaduud and Mudug regions, the state formation conference is inclusive, all communities are here” the statement stressed.
Finally the minister commended traditional elders, women association and youths for their commitment to support the conference.
On 10th this month, Somali moderate Islamist group, Ahlu-Sunna Waljamaa, declared that its delegates would vacate the conference within 24 hours.
Speaking to Goobjoog News, its leader Sheikh Ibrahim Gurre, who was among the signatories to Somali central State formation conference put blame on Somali minister for internal affairs, Abdirahman Odawaa.
“The internal minister is a naive young boy who is new in the political arena so i have no answer for him” he said.
He added that they do not recognize the government “this government is not representing us”