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Somali Government rounds suspects over Zoope truck bomb attack

Storyline:National News, Security

Federal government of Somalia announced the capture of several people in relation to the fatal truckbomb a week ago at Zoope junction, Mogadishu.

Speaking to the media, the Security Minister Mohamed Abukar Islow stated publicly that some people are under the custody of the government without giving out further details.

“These days the intelligence department has been engaged in tracking down the culprits and there are some people arrested. We shall release more details later” said Minister Islow.

The minister did not divulged on the number of those arrested having scanty information on the matter.

The government has increased the death toll of the truckbomb to 358 while the injured persons stands at 228.

No one has so far claimed responsibility though similar smaller scale bomb attacks which has been carried out in Mogadishu were mostly shouldered by Alshabab but the government insists the attack has the hallmark of the Somali Islamic fighters.

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