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Somali Government Soldiers Seize Toratorow Locality

Storyline:National News

Somali government forces supported by African Union peace-keeping in Somalia (AMISOM) troops have recaptured Toratorow locality.

Abdirisaq Khalif Elmi, who spoke for Somali National Army said that the government soldiers fully taken control of the locality after Al-Shabab fighter left the area.
The government soldiers launched operations in Toratorow locality which they were tracking down Al-Shabab fighter.
Al-Shabab did comment on the claims made by Somali government soldiers.

Taaratorow served as an important base to Al-shabaab as it was from there that they launched attacks on government and AMISOM forces in Awdheegle and Buur-hakaba in Bay region.

It was May 16th this year when Somali government soldiers backed by (AMISOM) troops have engaged gun battle with Al-Shabab fighters and seized Aw-Dheegle and Mubark town.