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Somali government urges Ahlu-Sunna to free six journalists

Storyline:National News

Somali government has urged Ahlusunna waljama’a to release six journalists arrested in Dhusa-Mareb town for last 24 hours.

Minister for information, Mohamed Hayir Mareeye called for the group to unconditionally withdraw such cruel approaches that undermine media freedoms and release the detained journalists.

“It is inappropriate to oppress of media, if something goes wrong it should be rectified but it is not suitable to cage journalists as animals. We call Ahlu Sunna to release the journalists, ” Mareeye said.

Fighters loyal to Ahlu-Sunna have detained six journalists after the journalists reportedly turned down an order from the group saying that the media and the journalists to register by providing questionnaire forms for the purpose of collecting the personal data from the journalists, which the journalists questioned the security of the information they provide citing privacy issues.

On May 18, 2015, the Ahlu Sunna administration in the town of Guriel in Central Somalia raided the premises of Radio Galgaduud in Guricel and closed its doors and briefly arrested the stations deputy director Abdulkadir Gure Barre after the radio station refused to comply draconian orders imposed by the group. Radio Galgaduud was allowed to resume operation after more than a week the radio was off air. Meanwhile the administration detained Osman Mohamed Adan, correspondent of the Somali National Television (SNTV) based in Guriel, for 24 hours and and ordered his immediate deportation.

Ahlu-Sunna Waljama’a who controls part Galgaduud region has been engaging gun battle with Somali government forces in a bid to extend its ruling areas.
The group took control of Dhusa-Mareb town which is the designated capital of newly formed Galmudug state temporarily operating in Adado town