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Somali government urges the owners to reconstruct their destroyed houses in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

The Ministry of Public Works of federal government of Somalia has urged the owners of destroyed buildings along the main roads to immediately repair so to promote the beauty of the city.

The assistant minister for public works Mohamed Ismail Shuriye said his ministry is setting plans to restore the beauty of the capital city.

Mr. Shuriye underlined that the ministry of public works is ready to assist the individuals who cannot afford to reconstruct their houses but wishes to do so.

The over two decades civil war in Somalia has devastated many buildings in the capital city, Mogadishu which has damaged the beauty of the city.

Many people who were contacted by Goobjoog FM believe that the government should start rebuilding its devastated institutions before ordering the public to reconstructing adding that there are  many government buildings including ministries  that are still functionless.

A similar call was sent by the former mayor of Mogadishu Mohamed Noor Tarsan who urged Mogadishu residents to improve the beauty of the city by reconstructing the devastated building or the administration will take action.