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Somali government vows to stop expansion of ISIL in Somalia

Storyline:National News

Somali government vowed to eradicate Somalia’s declared Islamic state (IS) which is a split of Al-Shabaab who still largely remain loyal to Al-Qaeda

Somali defense minister of Somalia Abdulkadir Sheikh Ali Dini, speaking to VOA Somali Service, said the government will put efforts to annihilate the new group before it expands to other parts of the nation and the neighbouring countries.

“Somali national Army is committed to defend this nation from foreign and local fighters who are planning to hide themselves in Somalia”

“The Somali National Army (SNA), with the support of the people will jointly prevent Al-Shabab defectors to create Daesh and its ideology in the country,” Somali defense added.

Islamic State invited the east-African jihadi group to join forces with them through a propaganda video released in March – urging it to wage jihad on neighbouring Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

Some of Al-Shabab members have accepted the invitation

A high-ranking member and spiritual leader of Al-Shabab has pledged allegiance to ISIS, a move that further fractures Al-Shabab and spreads the reach of ISIS farther into Africa.

The report that Abdul Qadir Mumin had sworn loyalty to ISIS came from a source familiar with Al-Shabab and was supported by a U.S. intelligence source, who said Mumin’s pledge came in a video that is expected to be released online.

In the video, Mumin, along with several other jihadis based in Somalia’s Central Region, swear their allegiance to ISIS. Some known Al-Shabab members have already done so online.

But the major section of the group turned down the ISIS invitations and warned its members against joining ISIS.

Earlier last month, Al-Shabab’s amniyaat wing has reportedly kidnapped five foreign members of the terror after raiding their homes in Jilib.

It was not clear why the five were arrested by the militants in their strong hold town of Middle Jubba.

Sources however say the five are facing allegations of encouraging their colleagues to join ISIS, a move recently declined by Al-Shabab.

By: Ahmed Mohamed Adan