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Somali Intelligence Agency seize laptops, flags and vehicle linked to Islamic State in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News, Security

Somali intelligence agency, NISA Sunday displayed computers, flags and documents seized from suspected Islamic State militants in Howlwadag district of Mogadishu.

The items included a flag of the so called Islamic State flag and a Toyota 4×4 vehicle and names and clans of 90 people suspected to be members of IS. One suspect was arrested during the raid.

NISA said the cell was known to them and that they had been following leads which led to a home in Mogadishu. The laptops were installed with explosive devices and ready for use, the agency said.

The seizure follows several other raids by the intelligence agency which has netted several weapons and explosives devices but Sunday’s incident was a first linked to IS.

Elements within the militant group Al-Shabaab last years declared its allegiance to IS. However many of them were killed by Al-Shabaab leadership which still maintains its allegiance to al-Qaeda.