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Somali Interior Minister Criticizes Ahlusunna for oppressing the public

Storyline:National News

Somali Interior and Federalization Minister Abdirhman Odawa on Sunday criticized Ahlusunna Waljama in central regions of Somalia for restricting basic freedoms.

“Please let the people exercise their choice, you cannot force people. They have long ago unite with Galmudg state, why are you forcing them out” said minister Odawa.
The minister said Ahhlusunna Waljama still occupies the capital city of the state and called them to abandon “you still occupies the capital of the state, I call you to abandon it” said the minister

The minister also accused Alhsunna for restricting the liberties of civilians in towns they control

Ahlusunna is religious paramilitary group that controls parts of Galgudud region.

Meanwhile Ahlu-sunna has severally rejected the offer and characterized the Admistration as an agent that does not represent the interest of Central State people Administration

Last year the group publicized that it has nominated president for areas under its rule.