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Somali Judo Federation elects New Executive board


In its election congress held here in Mogadishu on Friday, 8th of August 2014, the Somali Judo Federation stakeholders elected a new executive board which will govern the country’s Judo for the next four years.

The federation which hasn’t achieved more both in and outside the country for the past several years due to lack of proper facilities and insecurity in the country is now intended to reappear amongst international Judo family with having full recognition by the World’s Judo governing body.

Re-elected to the presidency of the federation, Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed Hurshe read to the stakeholders and the elected executive committee members a detailed strategic plan for the next four years during which the federation is expected to achieve more both locally and internationally.

The president gave a long explanation about the history of Somali Judo Federation, the challenges they faced in the past and his future plans toward the promotion of the game throughout the country.

He thanked the stakeholders for allowing him to lead the federation for another four year-term to give him the chance to rediscover the country’s Judo games.

However, the newly elected Somali Judo Federation executive committee members are as mentioned bellow.

1.Abdullahi Mohamed Hurshe- SJF President

2. Kadar Sham’un Mohamed Vice President

3. Ibrahim Hassan Mohamed   -Secretary General

4. Abdiwahid Sheik Abdirahma- Deputy Secretary

5. Ali Shirar Osoble- Member

6. Yasin Osman Jim’ale- Member

7.Abdullahi Abdirahman Adan -Member

8.Hassan Salad Osoble -Member