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Celebrated Somali literary icon bows out at 80

Storyline:National News

The legendary Ali Sugule Egal described as among the greatest and finest living Somali poets, has died in the United Arab Emirates at the age of 80.

The late Egal who was popularly known by the Somali people, has been ailing at a hospital in Dubai for the past several weeks.

His death was announced by the family early on Monday, although it was not mentioned whether his body will be laid to rest in Dubai or will be flown to Somalia.

The late Egal was born in Odweyne in 1947. He started his primary education at Berbera primary school before moving to Sheikh School in Berbera.

He was a legendary songwriter with a career spanning over five decades. Egal’s poetry campaigned for Somalia’s unity and promoted peace which made him an icon among Somali poets. Some of his works include:

  1. Soomaalideenii Haddii ay Sinaatay, Saddexdii Maqnaana Way Soo Socdaane
  2. Dharaartii Walaalkay loo Dhisaayey, Soo ma Soo Dhicin (xoriyadii 26 June 1960).
  3. Waryaa ila Gambiya Gumaysiga
  4. Waabaa Baryey Bilicsan Arooryo Baxsan
  5. Aduunyada Waan ka Oodanahee
  6. Hidii-diiyow Hidii
  7. Waa Subax Wanaagsane, Calankana Salaama
  8. Nin Lagu Seexdow Ha Seexan, Xil Baad Sidaa Ha Seexan, Soo Jeedoo Si Weyn u Feejignow
  9. Midnimadeenii Mugday Gashoo, Magaceen Ba’yeey
  10. Ha Maagine Isa Soo Maqiiq, Ha Mildhaabeene

Meanwhile, Somalia’s federal government said it was shocked by the death of the country’s most renowned singer and poet Ali Sugule Egal.

“Somali government is saddened by the news of the death of Ali Sugule Egal and on behalf of Somali government we are sending our heart-felt sympathy to the whole Somali people and in particularly to his family, relatives and friends” Somali Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid said.

Goobjoog News wishes to send their condolences to the bereaved family of Ali Sugule.