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Somali migrants to Yemen drastically decreased

Storyline:National News

The consular of Somali embassy in Yemen Ahmed Sudaani has explained the progress made to return ships in the hands of Somali businessmen.

Mr. Sudani, the consular speaking to Goobjoog FM said that Yemen court has earlier ruled the ships to be handed over to the federal government of Somalia but no action was so far taken the government.

On the other hand shedding light on the situation of Somali refugees in Yemen, the consular said the lives of the refugees in Yemen quite well compared to the recent years.

He noted that the number of Somali immigrants who use to reach Yemen has drastically decreased due to public awareness campaign to prevent the dangerous and illegal migration along the red sea by the embassy and intellectuals in the region.

He also explained a boat hired by Somali businessmen en route to the coastal town of Bosaso that was carrying goods and other people returning to Somalia that has failed due to technical problem, the people on board of the boat and the goods were saved by other ships as he confirmed.