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Somali Military court acquits Four officers on SYL hotel attack

Storyline:National News

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Somali military court has acquitted 4 security officers after no sufficient evidence was found in connection to SYL hotel attack on 22nd January 2015.
The chairman of Somali martial court, Hassan Ali Shuute has declared that the court has acquitted 7 security officials after they were found not guilty while the remaining five officers will be remanded till further notice.
“After the conclusion of thorough investigation on their cases, some of the officers were found not guilty “he said.
The acquitted officers are.
1. Mohamed Dahir Abdulle
2. Mahad Ali Omar
3. Hassan Dahir Mohamed
4.Ahmed-Qadar Mohamed Hassan


Somali military court has delayed the case of four these suspected officers for further investing over the case facilitating the attack.
Suicide car bomb attack on January this year was targeted at Turkish delegation meeting the SYL hotel a head of President Raccip Tayyip Erdogan second visit in the country.
Two Somali security officers and the suicide bomber were killed in the incident.
The military court often carries out sentences and executions mainly targeting armed group Al-Shabaab.