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Somali military executes two men who killed undergraduate student

Storyline:National News
labadii nin oo la toogtay
Two men found guilty of murder executed by Somali military court

Somali military court on Tuesday executed two men found guilty of killing a lady, under graduate student Nafisa Salad Osman in Mogadishu on 5th April this year after forcefully abducting from her house.

The two men, Hassan Mohamed Abdi and Shafii Abdi Hersi faced a firing force at police training academy in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia in attendance of senior government officials.

A third person accused of backing the murder of Nafiso Salad Osman was also sentenced to fifteen years jail term.

This is the first execution of Al-shabab members since the serving chairman of military court Abdirahman Turyare took power.

The right group have earlier condemned Somali military court of failing to abide by the international fair trials standard, the Human rights watch has urged that the civilian cases should be transferred to regular courts.

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