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Somali MP blames federal government of failing to tackle clan clashes

Storyline:National News

A member of federal parliament of Somalia has blamed the federal government of failing to do enough on the clan clashes in Defow locality.

Abdinasir Gaarane, a serving member of the federal parliament said the intellectuals and traditional elders have severally tried to end the tensions in the area but still the tribal clashes persist.

The MP stated that the government has promised to take stern action of stopping the bloodshed but nothing was done still as the clashes are going out of hand.

Mr. Garane reiterated that the federal government can solve the inter-clan wars in region by ordering AU troops Djiboutian and Ethiopian contingent to immediately intervene and end the hostilities in the region.

Over 4 people were killed and 10 others sustained injuries after inter-clan clashes embarked in Deefow locality on Tuesday.