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Somali MP Express Hope Over Government-Ahlusunna Talks

Storyline:National News

 abdisamad-262x309Abdisamed Moalim Mohamud, a federal parliamentarian, has expressed hope over the bilateral talks between the Moderate Islamist group, Ahlu –Sunna Waljama’a and federal government of Somalia in Dhusa-Mareeb town, the provincial headquarter of Galgadud region.

He emphasized that the federal government of Somalia should put more efforts in the talks to make it fruitful and final solution for the problems of Somalia central regions.

“We have hope that the ongoing negotiation talks will be successful and the sides will come up with final agreement to iron out their differences” he said.

He highlighted that the meeting has consumed a lot of time but the main aim is to solve the impugn.

“Somalis have to learn from the past and the current disputes as to be lessons for the future obstacles” he noted.

“Ahlu –Sunna Waljama’a and federal government of Somalia had negotiated about their differences once, earlier march this year, Somali minister for deference and Ahlu-Sunna delegates had gathered in Guri-El town to iron out the disputes , since then people were eager to see sides to put function what they agreed upon but it seems that it had delayed, it is not importance to blames one another for the past mistakes, the good thing is to get experience from the errors occurred”

Finally the lawmaker has underscored that all the regional states would remain interim and would de jure after they get vote of confidence from the federal pareliament.

Currently, Somali federal government is in talks with Ahlu-Sunna which vowed to form independent regional state.

On 10th this month, Somali moderate Islamist group, declared that its delegates would vacate the conference within 24 hours.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, its leader Sheikh Ibrahim Gurre, who was among the signatories to Somali central State formation conference put blame on Somali minister for internal affairs, Abdirahman Odawaa.

“The internal minister is a naive young boy who is new in the political arena so i have no answer for him” he said.

He added that they do not recognize the government “this government is not representing us”