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Somali MPs: “ Federal government failed to end clan clashes in Hiran region”

Storyline:National News

DeefowMembers of federal parliament of Somalia accused the federal government of failing to control the ongoing clan clashes in Hiran region that claimed the lives of many people and destroyed property of immense value.

Duniyo Mohamed Ali among the members of federal parliament who hail from the region stated that some members have already started efforts to end the hostilities between the communities in the region so to end the tensions caused by the clan conflicts.

Duniyo asked the federal government to quickly intervene and back the efforts of the lawmakers and traditional elders in the region.

She also called the warring sides to cease fire and solve their difference and grievances peacefully adding that they should refrain from anything that might ignite the clashes.

The deadly inter-clan clashes in Kabhanley and Defow localities claimed the lives of more than 25 people and dozens displaced are in desperate conditions.

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