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Somali national Army launches operations in Bulla-burde

Storyline:National News

The Somali national Army backed by African union peace-keeping mission in Somalia (AMISOM) troops has launched massive security operations in villages of Buula-burde district, arresting over a dozen Al-Shabab suspects, Goobjoog news reports.
The commander of SNA in Buulo-burde distric, Abdullahi elmi barre, who spoke to Goobjoog FM has stated that operations was intended to crack down peace threatening elements and to improve the security of the district.
“These operations are conducted by the military to hunt down criminals and remains of Al-Shabab fighters hibernating in the district” Said Abdullahi.
He added that they apprehended dozens of Al-shabab suspects and will be taken to court after probes.
This comes after the administration of Bula-burde vowed to wipe out Al-Shabab fighters from the roads they blocked.