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Somali nationals detained at JKIA a week after Somali delegates  netted there

Storyline:National News

Over ten Somali nationals have been reportedly  detained at Jomo Kenyatta airport  barely a week after  delegates including Federal MPs were detained at Jomo the airport where the delegations were transited on their way to Istanbul, Turkey.

The Somali citizens who were heading to Sudan have spent ten days at the airport without specified reasons, according to Mohamed omar Dalha who spoke to Goobjoog News while he was transit at Jomo kenyattta International Aurport this morning.

Dalha said Somali nationals were travelling from Mogadishu and heading to Sudanese capital, Khartoum at the time their arrest by Kenyan police at JKIA.

“The Somali national detained at JKIA are facing living hardships inside the airport facility, and they don’t have any help from the Somali embassy in Nairobi,” said MP Dalha.

Somali government last week condemned the detention of the delegates including Federal MPs at Jomo Kenyatta International airport where the delegations were transited on their way to Istanbul.

Somalia demanded that Kenya explain why it detained Somali lawmakers which seems to be the latest diplomatic row between Kenya and Somalia.

“The Federal Government of Somalia protests this unwarranted incident at JKIA and expects full justification and explanation from Kenya,” Somalia’s government said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, some of the delegates were held at the airport, experiencing delays including Members of our Federal Parliament.”

Kenya government has yet to comment on the incident.