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Somali opposition to boycott elections, laments ‘naked robbery’

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS|MOGADISHU: Somali opposition has said it will no longer participate in the ongoing parliamentary elections terming it a ‘naked robbery’ amid concerns the new developments could cast uncertainty on the electoral process.

In a  strongly-worded statement that came barely a day after a meeting with Prime Minister Mohamed Robel, the 15 member council said ongoing elections risks plunging the country into ‘political chaos, instability and insecurity.’

The CPC further noted it will be consulting with various sections of the society to ‘find a national solution to the country’s threat to stability, governance and national unity.’

The opposition leaders who include two former presidents also pocked holes into the electoral process noting that there were no registered delegates elected, registered, trained, or verified by the Federal Electoral Commission (FlET). Further, CPC said, the electoral teams at the state levels were not independent and take orders from Federal Member State presidents while the FIET and SIETs do not have a working relationship.

Following the meeting with the CPC on Sunday, PM Roble held talks with FMS leaders on Monday and urged them to address the concerns of the CPC but urged them to proceed with the elections in what could have pushed the CPC to take further steps. The CPC had urged the prime minister to halt the elections for a review citing mass irregularities.