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Somali Parliament Passes The Boundaries and Federalism Commission Bill

Storyline:National News

The federal parliament of Somalia has taken its normal meeting in Mogadishu, today’s session chaired by the second deputy of federal parliament Mahad Abdalla Awad  was attended by 145  members of parliament.

At the starting of the session the deputy chairman of parliamentary committee of boundaries and federalism  Dahir Amiin Jesow  addressing the parliament underlined  that some amendment s were done to the bill of boundaries and federalism.

After that the members started voting, 129 MPs voted in favor of the bill, 13 opposed while one member abstained, therefore the bill was unanimously passed.

The outgoing minister of  interior and federalism Abdullahi Godah Barre highly praised the parliament  for endorsing the law.

The bill will be referred to the president of the Republic of Somalia to sign and gazetted into law.

On the other hand  the Somalia spy Chief Gen. Abdirahman Turyare who appeared  before the parliament on Sunday said the security agencies dismantled Al-Shabab networks that were planning to carry out attacks and planned assassinations in Mogadishu.

He noted that they arrested 8 individuals out of 11 operating in the dismantled networks adding that the security forces are in hot pursuit of three men who escaped during the operations. This is the first time NISA head to appear before the parliament since appointed before couple of months.

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