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Somali parliament debate on no confidence motion

Storyline:National News

Somali parliament is having an extra-ordinary meeting today,they debate on the no confidence motion against Somali premier Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed.

The speaker of Somali federal parliament Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari said the parliament will work the two shifts so as complete the task in hand, he urged the lawmakers to be punctual.

Most of the MPs are now in parliament waiting until the opening of the session.

One hundred and ninety one (191) MPs attended today’s session as the leaders confirmed, copies of papers signed by 138 pro motion MPs was distributed to the members of parliament as our reporters in the parliament report.

The office of the speaker announced that PM Abdiweli will not appear before the parliament as expected after they received written statement from his office that exucused himself from attending the session.

One of the pro motion MPs Col. Ahmed Mayow Ruush is now at the platform reading the no confidence motion before the parliament.