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Somali people should help their brotherly Somali refugees in Yemen says famous traditional elder

Storyline:National News

Mohamed Ismail, traditional elder who gave interview to Goobjoog Newshas welcomed “Gurmad iyo Gargaar” which is intended to help Somali refugees in Yemen.
“There are so many ways that Somali people can assist their brotherly Somali refugees to come their own motherland, meagre amount you pay can help a Somali refugee suffering in abroad” he said.
He added that the public should be aware of what is happening Somalis in Yemen are out of frying pan into fire.

“Somali government has to look for ways to save Somali and has to seek help in evacuating its citizens from war-torn Yemen” he noted.
For many years, hundreds of Somalis have risked their lives by crossing the Gulf of Aden to reach Yemen in their search for safety and a better life. Many die atrocious deaths – beaten, thrown overboard, eaten by sharks, drowned or asphyxiated in the hold of crowded smuggler boats.

Now the case is different and the other way round, the situation of the Somalis currently living in Yemen is in jeopardy and trapped in the conflict.
19th May this year, a boat carrying over 1000 Somali refugees from Yemen has docked at Bossaso port of Semi-autonomous regional state of Puntland.
Yemen became home for ferocious fighting between the internationally recognized government and the Houthis, who have taken control of large swaths of Yemen.
The brawl claimed thousands of lives and displaced hundreds of thousands including Yemenis and Somali refugees who escaped the conflict and hardships in their country before civil war eruption in Yemen.
Since 1st April, 7000 of Somali refugees started to return home by themselves with small boats. They accused the government of ‘’failing’’ to intervene the situation of the trapped citizens.
Life went from bad to worse for the Somalis living in Yemen after the federal government revealed that it is supporting the on-going Saudi-led military offensive against the Houthi rebels who are fighting to take over internationally recognized government.
Somali government promised to dispatch ships and planes for the evacuation of Somalis caught in Yemen’s conflict.
It was on 27th April when Director of the Parliament Mohamed Iyow told Goobjoog that the parliament has approved to send two ships to evacuate Somalis in Yemen.
While other foreign nationals have been evacuated from the impoverished gulf nation, the federal government has not yet moved to evacuate its citizens despite announcing plans to bring back them home.