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Somali PM tells foreign ambassador to support Somalia on the economy and job creation

Storyline:National News, Politics

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre has urged foreign ambassadors in the country to support Somalia on economic growth and job creation.

In a meeting with envoys in Mogadishu, the PM called for strengthening of cooperation and support in creating jobs especially for young people.

State Minister in the office of the Prime Minister Abdullahi Hamud spoke on the agreed points in the meeting between the federal government and the foreign ambassadors.

“It was a cross examination of what was achieved on the past 3 months and what we need from the international countries. What was discussed included  economic creation needed in the country, review on the constitution, job creation where the PM spoke in depth about it and how to unify the economy of Somalia” said State Minister Hamud.

Present in the meeting were ambassadors from United nations, Qatar, Turkey, European Union and others and “meeting was good and the discussions were healthy”, added State Minister Hamud.

On the other hand, the ambassador from United Nations to Somalia Michael Keating cited his support to Somalia on many sides particularly the economy, security and the elections of 2020.