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Somali PM hails the completion of Central Somalia administration

Storyline:National News

PMThe Prime minister of Somalia Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed stated that his government will take active role in formation of regional administrations in the country.

He reiterated that the formation of unified administration for Central Somalia is a milestone for the residents in central regions.

He commended the sides that signed the agreement in Mogadishu especially Himan and Heb regional state for their tireless engagement to establish regional administration.

Himan and Heb regional state that has not signed the first phase of the agreement in villa Somalia but agreed to take part in the signing of the second phase of the agreement.

The sign bearers of first and second phase of the agreement are expected to meet in Adado, the administrative capital of Himan and Heb regional state.

The agreement was witnessed by Somali Prime minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, speaker of the federal parliament Mr. Jawari, UN envoy to Somalia Nicholas Kay and other dignitaries.

The second phase of the agreement comes a time when Puntland still insist that the formation of the regional administration is unconstitutional.