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Somali PM says tribalism biggest challenge for Somalia

Storyline:National News, Politics

Somalia Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre cited the biggest hurdle facing Somalia today is tribalism, a notion shared by many in the country that was a product from the Somali anarchy in the 25 years of civil war.

Discarding tribalism will lead to achieving many things hence the hallmark of good governance according to Premier Kheyre.

“Governance is to compete for your place against the rest of the world. The civil war has bequeathed us many things among them assuming informal things to be normal in our lives like projecting tribalism to be in the forefront even before our Islamic faith, a tool for recognition, being regarded a measurable device for someone’s achievement and replacing patriotism. The only way to destroy this mentality is to know that tribalism has limits, has no ambition, just an arena for recognition of few people. Now the world is a global village and as Somalis we need to open our eyes well” said Premier Kheyre.

The civil war was a fertile ground for tribalism to thrive and the current Somali government is based on tribal formula but the government is engaged now on how to form the nextadminsitration in the year 2021 through one person one vote system.

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