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Somali Police Release Crime Statistics For 2014

Storyline:National News

madaaleDuring the commemorations of the 71st anniversary of Somali Police Force, the police have released the crime statistics of the year 2014 and also the achievements by the force. .

General Mohamed Omar Madale, the Banadir regional police commander has made the presentations on behalf of the national police commander.

According to the report there were 42 training sessions for the Somali police and that some 950 new recruits have joined the force this year. Friendly governments like Italy, USA, Japand , Turkey and others provided the trained.

There were 6130 crimes recorded by the police, 2041 of those were the usual crimes.

88 mines went off killing 17 people and wounding 71 others. There were also 26 mines attached to vehicles and street light poles that exploded, this killed 10 persons and wounded 33 others.

There were 16 suicide attacks in the country killing 120 people and wounding some 179 others.

129 people were saved from drowning in the Lido Beach, Mogadishu, 8 died of drowning and 17 others sustained serious injuries.

The police searched 5341 cars on Friday prayers, but found nothing on them.

Since the duties and responsibilities of the police include tax collection, the force has collected and deposited to the Central Bank amount of money totaling 55 Millions, 77287 US Dollars, the police generated this money from the airport, the port and other sources.

One of the main transformational achievements in the police force is the promotion of a policewoman to post of Commander of Shangaani District Police Station; Sahro is the only women to hold such post throughout the country. General Madale said this is done according to gender transformation policies in the force.

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