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Somali premier pledges to rebuild strong military

Storyline:National News

The prime minister of federal government of Somalia Omar Abdirashid together with the outgoing minister for defense and his deputy today supervised the headquarters of the security ministry.

The premier attended vibrant ceremony held at the headquarters of defense ministry.

The ceremony was also attended by commander of Somali militatry Dahir Adan Elmi (Indhaqarshe) and other officials from different departments of Somalia forces.

The military commander Dahir Adan Ilmi speaking at the ceremony said that Somali forces passed different stages and that they are in preparation, adding that they are ready to rebuild strong Somali army that are capable of taking over the security..

The military commander noted that federal government forces together with AMISOM captured many towns from Al-Shabab.

The outgoing defense minister of Somalia federal government Mohamed Sheik Hassan Hamud mentioned that his ministry built good relationship with international community which in turn facilitated overseas countries particularly United States of America to open army bases in Somalia.

Finally, the prime minister of federal government of Somalia Omar Abdirshid concluded the ceremony saying that his government would give priority in the restoration of Somalia forces as to strong capable to replace AMISOM.

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