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Somali President Addresses Fallout of Parliament’s vote over IJA Assembly

Storyline:National News

hassan aqabaSomalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has voiced the dispute over the formation of IJa Assembly which prompted chaos and motion against its legality to be tabled before Somali federal parliament.
Statement issued from Somalia’s office has urged the team recently appointed by the government to resolve the disputes over IJA parliament to speed up and reinforce its work.
The president said that Somali prime minister, Omar Abdirashid and he have discussed with Jubba Administration on the matter and agreed upon to solve the complains submitted.
He added that Somalia which is trying bounce back on its feet after long term of civil war, requires its people to come up with consensus and dialogue in order to establish a new and bright future different from the past history.
I and other officials in the government and Federal Parliament, have same view which to accelerate the process of reconciliation and the implementation of programs related to the Vision 2016, the administrative structure is an important part of the recovery of our country , and every challenge approach, we are committed to dialogue to solve it, at same time reconciliation is needed which can be base for the future of Somalia , ” he said .
The move comes after Somali Federal parliament voted out Jubbaland Assembly assembly which they term as illegal and unconstitutional.
It was Saturday when the deputy president of Interim Jubba Administration, Abdullahi Sheik Ismael Aka Fartag in a hastily convened news conference after successful motion in which 132 of presented Federal Parliament Members voted for ousted of Jubbland regional assembly said “From now on … we have stopped all collaborations with the Federal Government and suffered all ties . We would not accept any delegation from Federal governments”.
The issue is getting hot as politicians and regional administrators pour their views, as latest being the administration of Semi-autonomous regional state of Puntland which backed the decision of Interim Jubba Administration to cut off all relations withSomali Federal Government over the passing of controversial no-confidence motion in Newly formed IJA regional Assembly.