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Somali President Addresses Federal Parliament

Storyline:National News

Somali PresidentSomali president Hassan Sheik Mohamed has appeared before the parliament to address a number of pressing issues in the country.

The president started his speech by congratulation Somali Nation on the 55th anniversary of nation’s independence and hoped prosperous future for the country and people of Somalia.

He discussed the financial constrains in the country, and cited budget deficit as the main courses, but he hoped that building a biometric system would boast smooth running of the financial matters of the government.

Touching on the security situation in the country – the president has praised the collective effort by the Somali security agencies, AMISOM and Public and said security is getting better in the country and stressed his government determination to stabilize the country.

Term extensions rumors rejected

The president denied circulating rumors of alleged secret plans to extend term beyond 2016, when his time in office set to end. “There is nothing like that … nothing I am going to stay the office beyond my constitutional term…. The reason is simple if I do that is against the constitution and I do not want to do something against constitution” he stressed.

The president said his government policy is to always encourage and maintain good relationship with neighboring countries

“ We always wanted to live peace and understanding with neighboring countries……yes of course we have border dispute with Kenya and that should be settled what international law prescribes which we signed many years ago” he said

The speech of the president comes in the light of possible move by parliament to table a motion against him and Alshab threat which has intensified its deadly attacked since the inception of Ramadan month.

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