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President Mohamud appoints deputy police commissioners

Storyline:National News, Security

Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has today appointed two senior police commissioners in a bid to bolster the country’s internal security.

In a ceremony held In Mogadishu, the president named Muktar Hussein Afrah as the first deputy police commissioner while Bashiir Abdi Mohamed appointed second deputy police commissioner.

The event was attended by Somali police commissioner, Mohamed Sheikh Hassan Hamoud, ministers and other decnatories.

Their appointment comes at a time the security of situation Mogadishu has been worsening since the beginning Ramadan following deadly attacks launched by the al-Shabaab.

Despite efforts by the Somali government to beef up security in the country, the death toll in the last three months has gradually gone up.

A hotel bomb blast last month killed 14 people including a journalist, Mohamed Abdikarim and 28 others injured after Al-Shabab fighters rammed a lorry full of explosives into the gate of Jazeera Palace hotel near the city’s airport.

General Mukhtaar