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Somali President Hasan Sheik Mahmoud Addresses the Nation

Storyline:National News

hassan aqabaPresident Hassan Sheik Mohamoud has addressed the Nation throught press a conference held at presidential palace The Villa Somalia.

The president discussed his address on a number of pressing issues, ranging from security, economic, cabinet reshuffle, Federal states formation, Alshabab and more.


He stressed that security is getting better and only main challenge is that one posed by Alshabab

“ Alshabab is an ideology that needs to be eradicated … they are exploiting Islam to seduce youth, they are criminal spiritual Organization that needs to be faced out with determination and seriousness”

He said some youth and leaders of Alshabab have already applied the amnesty offered by the government “those who are wise amongst them are here with us today… and we are negotiating some more”

By the same token he talked the lack of trust and social capital between Somali people which contributes the lawlessness of the country as he said “Indeed Somalia is undergoing difficult times for the time-being while the image is improving in International and regional Stages, we busy suspecting each other, pointing fingers, I say the rule and law should reach all the corners of country without questioning who is leading”

He also warned some people he accused them preaching separatism within the mation “the world does not recognize warlords, tribes and self-proclaimed States but knows only that there is Somalia Federal Republic “he reminded.

Cabinet Reshuffle

He denied any planned reshuffle within the federal government and said that this was simply rumors to be dismissed firsthand. He is convinced that this kind of news was invented by some people with the purpose of instigating propaganda against State Institution. “to there would be cabinet reshuffle or the president would dissolve to parliament , I see for no reason to that effect… but I can tell you if a minister , state minister or deputy minister fails to perform his national duty, yes he would be fired and replaced with patriotic citizen” said the president.


The president was optimistic in his economic point of view saying that all indicators are suggesting both imports and exports growth “World Bank, Finance Ministry, and Planning Ministry are talking the growth of Somali economy” but this doesn’t reflect on the real situation on the ground. He said the country is facing economic hardships.

He cited chronic budget deficit which he put the blame on the lack of international aid to support the government.

One more reason he gave for the economic hardship was the hurdles from the remittances and lastly said “The lack of Somali shilling, the dependency of the Dollar, and the EVC mobile money has all significantly contributed to the down fall of the country’s economy”.

The president has admitted that the government couldn’t afford the minting expenses of any new Somali Shilling which he estimated to be staggering $40 million dollars.

“The only thing we can survive is to be financially reliant on ourselves, to do so we must pay the taxes” said the president.

Somali National Army

He praised the efforts to reorganize the Somali National Army (SNA) “Yesterday I was in Balli-Dogle airbase where advanced training for the Military Commandos is in progress, this is the real foundation for a strong Somali National Army” he said.

He made a point that a friendly nation has generously financed the training of the Special Forces known as Danab.

United States of America is understood to be the friendly nation supporting the Danab force. And the president’s visit comes just two days after Somali PM Omar Abdirashid met with the US deputy defense secretary MR. Work who he discussed with about the Danab force.

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