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Somali president reaches Kismayo

Storyline:National News

The president of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has reached the capital administrative of Jubb, Kismayo town on Saturday.

Along with entourage, including the regional leaders of South-west Shariif Hassan Sheikh Hassan and Galmudug states Abdikarim Hussein Guleed, respectively.

President Hassan will attend the inauguration ceremony of IJA leader taking place at the presidential palace of the state in Somalia’s southern port town of Kismayo.

Also there are a significant number of foreign leaders and envoys, the highest profile guest is Ethiopian foreign minister Hon. Tedros Adhonom.
Others include Kenyan parliament majority leader Hon. Aden Bare Duale and several other Kenyan MPs and one senator Yussuf Haji, who was former Kenyan defense minister who authorized Kenyan troops to cross over to Somalia in 2012.

More than 50 Somali law makers from Mogadishu has also in attendance, together with other foreign envoys to Somalia , namely Turkey Ambassidor Bekar Olgan and UN envoy to Somalia Nicholas Kay.

The president of Puntland Abdiwali Mohamed Ali Gas was in Kismayo from yesterday, signalling a vote of confidence with the Jubbaland state.

Jubbaland President Ahmed Mohamed Islam would be at the helm for the following four years and is expected to bring much improvement in to the war ravaged regions in the south of Somalia.