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Somali president suspends 21 judges

Storyline:National News

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has suspended 21 judges operating in some courts of the country.

Decree from the office of the President Hassandated on 26th October 2014 stated that the suspended judges were appointed in a wrong way adding that they illegally in office.

Holding press conference in office today the attorney general of Somalia Dr. Ahmed Ali Dahir said the judgments made by the suspended judges will be re-examined.

He noted that the presidential decree will affect judge in everywhere of the country who are in the judicial sector without merit.

Below are some names of the fired judges.

1. Abdirahman Jama’a Aydiid

2.Ahmed Mohamed Sheikh Ibrahim

3.Nur Issa Mohamed

4. Ali Sheikh Mohamud Gaal

5. Abdirahman Said Ahmed

6.Abdinasir Hussein Dahir

7. Ahmed Abukar Ahmed

8.Ahmed Khalif Ahmed

9. Abdirahman Hussein Mohamed

10. Arab Mohamud Adow