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Somali president urges new premier to give women a good share in new government

Storyline:National News

The president of the republic of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamed has urged the newly approved premier Omar Abdrashid to give women a good share in the upcoming Somali cabinet.

President Hassan stated that Somali women deserve to get their rightful share in the national cake.

“ Women sent me requests to be given chances for reaching decision-making positions in the country and I back their decision” President Hassan said.

“ We need a Technocrat government where women are get higher positions to take part in the rebuilding of the country” He added.

He called the federal parliament of Somalia and the public to collaborate with the new prime minister so as to tackle the multiple tasks ahead.

Women belief that they are given a second-class position to men in the political course of action due to favoritism, tribal and male-dominant mentality in Somali society.

In response to these factors Somali women all over are fighting to defeat these existing barriers that start from cultural gear, to attain their 30% quota in the next parliament and to kindle their role in political life.

The Garowe Principles signed by Somali leaders in December 2011 and reinforced in February 2012 stated that 30% of seats in the parliament would be reserved for women.