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Somali prime minister dismisses his newly announced cabinet

Storyline:National News

A member of Somali federal parliament Bishar Ugas speaking to VOA Somali service confirmed that Somali prime minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharma’arke dissolved his newly announced cabinet and submitted a statement of the federal parliament.

Mr. Sharma’arke asked the top leaders of the federal parliament to be given 14 days to be able appoint new cabinet.

“ After realizing the new cabinet has no confidence from the federal parliament and the support of the civil society, the prime minister dissolved the cabinet and requested two more weeks to appoint new cabinet” the MP said.

The new cabinet was to seek vote of confidence on Saturday from the federal parliament after the lawmakers rejected PM minister’s appeal of postponing the appearance of the government before the parliament.

The top leaders of the leaders of the federal parliament have not yet commented on the issue.