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Somali Prime Minister Meets Two Regional Leaders In Garowe

Storyline:National News

Barxada garoweSomali prime minister and two regional leaders have taken closed tripartite meeting in Garowe, the capital administrative of Puntland State.
Reports say that the sides focused on wide range issues including the newly formed Galmudug state, federalization process and the vision of 2016 which is scheduled to steer the country to one man one vote.
The leaders also discussed on the Puntland’s discontent on the copy of the draft constitution used by the Federal government which Puntland said the copy had been altered and previous bilateral accords signed by Somali federal government and Semi-autonomous regional state .
But analysts have cast doubts on whether the meeting itself would be of any help given that Puntland has refused to recognize the newly formed Galmudug State whose president Abdikarim Hussein Guled is supposed to attend the meeting as a regional leader. Equally,Puntland president Abdiwali Ali Gas may decline to share a platform with Guled whom he doesn’t recognize as a president.