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Somalia’s new PM vows to prosecute corrupt individuals

Somalia’s new prime minister Hassan Ali Khaire during his first address to parliament upon approval as the country’s new premier. Photo: Goobjoog News











Somalia’s new Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire, who was unanimously approved by parliament Wednesday vowed to prosecute individuals involved in corruption regardless of their position in a move that could see Somalia drop its tag as most corrupt nation in the world for over  a decade now.

Addressing Parliament after the popular vote by all 231 lawmakers present, Khaire promised that his government make fight against graft a top priority echoing President Farmaajo’s campaign pledge.

“We will tackle the corruption and vow to prosecute individuals implicated regardless of their status. The era of impunity is over.” Khaire vowed.

He said his new government will follow walk in the steps of former PM Abdirizak Haji Hussein and will be based on “competence and efficiency”.

“The target of my government will be ‘competence and efficiency’ as was the motto of Former PM Abdirisak Haji Hussein ” said Khaire.

The global anti graft watchdog Transparency International has for the last ten years running ranked Somalia the most corrupt nation on earth in the same league as North Korea and South Sudan. Forming an anti-corrupt body and mainstreaming war against corruption in all levels of government will be Khaire’s mission to realise his government’s goals of a corrupt free government.

Khaire who holds a dual Somali-Norwegian citizenship is expected to form the new cabinet in the coming weeks and and will also have to seek parliamentary approval.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, who briefly spoke to the parliament, said he expects the new prime minister to form an effective government in order to realize peace and stability of whole Somalia.