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Somali refugees in Yemen face acute shortage of essential subsistence like food, shelter and medicine, Somali Consular

Storyline:National News

Osman Ahmed Mohamed, Somali Consular based in Sana’a City has articulated about the deteriorating situation in Yemen, which affected vulnerable Somali refugees.
Mr Osman noted that Somalis in Yemen are faced with acute shortage of proper water with no essential subsistence like food, shelter and medicine.
“The fighting in Yemen worsen humanitarian situation, and aid access has been curtailed because of impasse existing there” he said..
“The number of Somali citizens who are trapped in Yemen violence is approximately half to a million”
The Consular confirmed that two to three thousand Somali have sailed from Yemen to East African countries like Djibouti and Somalia.
On the other hand he underlined that embassy in yemen was hit by motor shells which caused some material damage to it.
Finally he welcomed “Gurmad iyo Gargaar” campaign spearheading by Radio Goobjoog which intended to support Somali refugees in Yemen and Kenya.
Most of foreign nationals have been evacuated from the impoverished gulf nation but the federal government has not yet moved to evacuate its citizens despite announcing plans to bring back them home.