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Somali Special Forces Participate in Joint Multinational Military Exercise in Kenya


GOOBJOOG NEWS|NANYUKI, KENYA: Special forces from countries across the East and Horn of Africa regions commenced a two-week-long Joint Multinational Field Training Exercise (FTX) in Kenya Monday aimed at equipping the forces to counter-terrorism.

Somalia, which dispatched the US-trained Danab Special Forces joins the host Kenya Defence Force and troops from Djibouti, Tanzania, Rwanda, the United Kingdom and the United States,

This significant military exercise, hosted by the Kenya Defence Forces, brings together participants from various nations to enhance readiness, foster cooperation, and prepare regional partners for regional and international missions, a statement from the host KDF read in part.

According to the statement, the troops will be immersed in practical war tactics and maneuverability skills. They will undergo training in various critical areas like Room clearance Procedures, Counter-IED Measures and Medical Evacuation Procedures. This collaborative effort aims to enhance readiness, foster cooperation, and equip participants with essential skills for their roles in maintaining peace and security.

The exercise takes place in the Counter Insurgency, Terrorism, and Stability Operations Center (CITSO) in Nanyuki, Laikipia County.