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Somali Trade Union Attends ITUC Conference In Turkey

Storyline:National News

A delegation of Somali trade union by led head of STU Mohamed Osman hajji has attended the conference of international trade union confederation (ITUC) organized by Turkish Trade Unions in Turkey.
The meeting was attended by trade unions from 25 countries across the world, the only African trade unions invited in that meeting were from three countries including Somalia, Sudan and Uganda.
Mohamed Osman Haji who gave exclusive interview to Goobjoog News has noted that it was a golden opportunity for Somalis to get a chance to attend this international meeting after more than two decades of civil war in the country .
“The meeting was focussed on how improve the living standard labours and how improve the trade unions across the world as to get sustainable changes in the circumstances of the labour and job creation for youth” said Mr Mohamed.
He said that they have discussed with confederation of Turkey trade union (TÜRK-İŞ) about the working conditions of Somali labours and TÜRK-İŞ pledge that they help Somalia on how create jobs for Somali youth.