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Somali Young Women Hoping To Establish Women Football Team

Storyline:National News, Sports

Women football playerA group of young Somali women in Mogadishu are hoping to form what could be the first Somali women football team after decades of anarchy in Somalia which disintegrated all sports foundations in the country.

Saynab Mohamed Milano is one of the volley ball players in Mogadishu, she spoke to Goobjoog about the role of women in the sport “These years we are witnessing a greater role of women in the sports fraternity, they are visible in all sports venues in the country, even football teams are beginning to emerge nowadays” she insists.

She said that women are front runners in the volley ball category, but there is a need for women football teams that can show off their hidden talent.

“We have national teams of volley ball, basket ball, hand ball, and these teams get government support, but we need football team as well” said Seynab.

Shukri Abdulle is another sportswoman; she has been in the field for four years “Its took me a long time to show my talent in football” she says, adding that “I could like to see women in football; we need to glorify our country”.

Shukri faces challenges from her family “When I go out I tell my mother that I am going out for buying something, sometimes I tell her that I will be coming late because I will be studying exams with friends, instead I learn football skills, and I will not stop playing football” said Shukri.

Sportswomen have grievances against sports establishments, they say women are always sidelined and overlooked, and this needs to be addressed.

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