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Somali youth parliament elects first and second deputies

Storyline:National News

Somali youth parliament today held their second session since they were formed in which they elected new first and second deputy  speakers of Somali Youth Parliament.

Before the election was conducted, the names of the MPs were being called from the platform and the Speaker of Somali Youth parliament Yoonis Abdirahman Mohamed stated that the number of present MPs as 195 out of 275 MPs.

The voting was conducted by show of hand and candidates contesting for the positions of first deputy speaker were Gulleed Abdi Mohamed and Mohamed Ibrahim while Hafsa Ali Ariish and Abdirahman Isse were vying for the position of second deputy speaker of Somali Youth parliament.

After the voting Mohamed Ibrahim Beydle got 30 votes while Guleed garnered165 votes thus the speaker declared Mr Guleed as the first deputy speaker of Somali Youth Parliament .

On the other hand the MPs proceeded to vote for the position of the second deputy speaker and Miss Hafsa Ali defeated Mr. Abdirahman Isse with 100% votes.

It was 27th December of last year when first Somali Youth Parliament has been formed and held its first session in Mogadishu after much deliberations and preparations for close to two months.

The formation of Somali Youth Parliament was highly welcomed by members of federal parliament of Somalia and officials of the Federal Government of Somalia who called on the Ministry of Youth to support the youth and their parliament.

The youth parliament serves as shadow parliament parallel to the Somalia federal parliament and is meant to educate young people on democracy and good governance.

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