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Somalia accuses Kenya gov’t over political and security interference

Storyline:National News, Security

Somalia government released a press statement on Wednesday accusing Kenya government over political and security interference, says the move is regrettable and not helpful for the relations. The Statement issued by Somalia suggests that Kenya is using contingent in AMISOM mission to interfere with domestic politics and destabilize the security of Somalia.

A few days ago, Kenya brought special jet which uplifted former Jubaland security minister from Kismayo who escaped from government detention. Amnesty International released a press statement that orders the Kenyan government to immediately arrest former Jubaland security minister. After the day press released, the Kenya government brought back the minister into Somalia.

The source said the minister still is in the hands of Kenya security forces under AMISOM troops that work in Gedo region. Kenya has a tight relation with Jubaland regional state president Ahmed Madobe who cut off the connections with the federal government.

Previously, the federal government rejected the 2019 Jubaland election accusing of illegal election. Madobe re-elected president supported by Kenya in terms of security and finance under the name of AMISOM. During the last Jubaland election, Madobe closed all Jubaland airports and ban flight from Mogadishu fearing federal government intervention.

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