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Somalia Accuses Kenya of Seeking Postponement of Border Dispute

Storyline:National News, Security

The government of Kenya requests the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to an extension of the hearing date of the maritime border dispute that has been open-ended for years.

The Somali government has strongly rejected Kenya’s plans to delay the maritime case and accused Kenya of seeking to resolve the dispute outside the court.

Despite Kenyan government excuses on deadly pandemic diseases outbreak, Somalia declares that Kenyan wants another long time running process to block borders case, not only to block but also to create violence between the two courtiers.

The press commanded that the statement sent to the ICJ by the Somali government in reply asked that the hearing takes a visual format using modern technology to deny Kenya’s excuse.

Somalia argued that the major international lawsuits brought to the ICJ had already been heard and determined in audio and video formats, and called on the ICJ to never postpone the hearings.

The ICJ in November 2019, agreed to push forward the maritime dispute between the two countries to June 2020 after both countries presented their submissions.

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