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Somalia and Somaliland talks issue communiqué

Storyline:National News

The talks between the republic of Somalia and the breakaway state of Somaliland that opened on Saturday in Djibouti has been concluded.

The talks was hosted by Djibouti, the two sides agreed on number of issues and issued communiqué which include the following.

  1. To open and continue the second phase of the talks between 15th-16th of January next year.
  2. To tackle the prolong political differences, implementation of the previously signed agreements and avoid on anything that might interrupt the talks.
  3. They agreed on humanitarian aid not to be politicized instead it should be encouraged.
  4. They also agreed on speedy implementation of the previously agreed airspace management and inclusion of friendly nations to attend the talks.

The two presidents thanked Djiboutian president Ismail Omar Gelle for his solidarity and commitment for Somalia to achieve lasting peace and stability.

After the meeting president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has taken meeting with businessmen and Somali community in Djibouti, he called them to take part in the developmental projects and re-building of the country.