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Somalia: attorney general admits widespread corruption in government offices

Storyline:National News

Attorney General-Somalia

December 9th  the world commemorates the international anti-corruption day, Somalia joins the rest of the world marking the important day.

Well executed ceremonies are going on in different parts of the country, senior officials are expected to take part in the events and warn the  public on the effects of corruption.

The day was designated by the General Assembly of the United Nations to serve as an opportunity for all organizations and individuals worldwide to create awareness about corruption and to promote anti-corruption activities.

Taking opportunity from these events the attorney general of the republic of Somalia Dr. Ahmed Ali Dahir gave exclusive interview to Goobjoog FM, he admitted that there is widespread corruption in all government institutions.

He stated that he will fight corruption at his own level through awareness campaign to public that will focus on the effects of corruption on education, health, management, justice, development and all aspects of life, he added that they will come up with proper strategies of combating the corruption level in the country.

He confirmed that there is corruption in every of the government office but he underlined that he will first start the fight from his office gradually move to other offices of the government to spurn the bad tendency.

“ Nobody can hide the facts on the ground, that is why I have to shed light on what is going in government offices so to be avoided, corruption in Somalia is becoming the order of the day to an extent it challenges the smooth running of the normal activities” he said.

He called the public to unite and stand for the fight against corruption in order to restore the dignity of the country and avoid the predisposition of Somalia being named as the defending champion of corruption.

This comes a time when Somalia ranked first as the most corrupt country in the world for the third year in a row, according to Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perceptions Index released last week.