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Somalia Attorney General Travels to Hague to File Case against Kenya

Storyline:National News

Axmed DaahirSomalia’s Attorney General Ahmed Dahir has travelled to Hague, the seat of International Justice Court to file the maritime dispute case against Kenya which claims parts of Somalia territories in the sea.

In a cabinet meeting, Somali government has decided to file case on 13th of this month, july, and dismisses comments by Kenyan Foreign Secretary saying Somalia has withdrawn the case and would settle case out of court.

Kenya has apparently tilted the straight border line between Somalia and Kenya towards Somalia to grab territories in the sea. This portion of the sea has reportedly rich of gas and petroleum deposits and Kenya has already contracted foreign companies to excavate.

But Ahmed Dahir has said that they successfully deterred those companies from carrying out any exploration, except the Italian state oil company ENI which remains operating there.

Kenya has peacekeeping troops in those parts of Somalia and fears are that they would use such force to possess the sea territory.

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