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Somalia: Auditor general calls the businessmen operating on public properties to hand over to the government

Storyline:National News

The auditor general of federal government of Somalia Noor Jima’ale Farah sent warnings to Somali business people operating and investing  on public properties.

Mr. Farah stated that the government is now ready to take action against such people adding that  the money used to refurbish or restructure these properties will not be refunded.

He called the businessmen operating on public properties to hand over to the government before its late.

Speaking about the corruption allegations in the country, he said his office will focus on rampant corruption in three sectors.

First fighting alleged corruption on annual scholarships to hundreds of Somali students due to bribery that ends up in the hands of corrupt politicians and diplomats.

Second recruitment of civil servants and use of public properties in the expense of personal interest.

He noted that they are awareness of former government workers who evaded with public properties including vehicles and finally hired from private company to generate income out it.

“ Even if they keep on hiding the hand of the government is long enough to get hold of them soon” The auditor said.

He asked the federal parliament of Somalia to enforce the laws of national sales and audit so as to fight corruption to the end.

Finally the auditor general underlined that  his office plans to launch seminars and awareness campaigns through the media to the public, government workers and employers of both public and private companies so as to fight corruption.

The remarks of the auditor general comes days after the attorney general of Somalia Ahmed Dahir responding to parliamentary questions said they found widespread corruption and misuse of power on 19 ministries and three agencies after investigations.