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Somalia come of age, as Somali instructors conduct CAF “C” license course

Storyline:National News

For the first time in history, Somalia has been able to successfully hold its CAF “C” license coaching course, with qualified Somali instructors
conducted the course, while previously the African football governing body [CAF] had sent foreign instructors to teach Somali coaches.

A total of 24 coaches were awarded with the CAF “C” License certificates after successfully passing both practical and theory sessions.

Somali instructors: Awil Ismail Mohamed and Mohamed Abdulle Farayare were teaching at the course which was held at the SFF headquarters in the
capital Mogadishu.

Both Somali instructors gained their CAF “A” Licenses in 2014 and were given the go ahead as CAF instructors by the African Football governing
body [CAF] and with their promotion to this level, Somalia seems to be recovering.

Somali Football Federation senior vice president, Ali Abdi Mohamed, who addressed at the closing ceremony for the course this week, said that his
country has now come of age and was hopeful that the number of qualified Somali instructors will increase in the years to come.

“Now we have two Somali experts who have successfully done this CAF level coaching course—We are now hopeful that Somalia will soon have its FIFA level instructors and I am sure that will happen because Somalia’s knowledge and experience of football is growing” said the senior vice
president who congratulated the graduates on their gaining of the CAF “C” license certificates.

Meanwhile, Somalia had already one CAF refereeing instructor, Ali Mohamed Ahmed.

Below are the list coaches who were awarded with the CAF “C” license
The list

1.    Alawi Mohamed Hassan
2.    Ali Mohamed Absuge
3.    Salad Mohamed Mohamoud
4.    Hamdi Wardheere Mohamed
5.    Mustafa Hassan Omar
6.    Abdirahman Mohamed Gelle
7.    Mohiyadin Ahmed Osobow
8.    Mohamed Bashir Ali
9.    Nur Mohamed Amiin
10. Ali Mohamed Hilowle
11. IbraahimCusmaanAadan
12. Baasir Mohamed Nur
13. Abdirashid Dahir Siyaad
14. Shirwa Abdullahi Ahmed
15. Abdirahman Hussein Ghedi
16. Ali Hussein Mohamed
17. Ahmed Abdi Ali
18. Siyaad Ali Mohamed
19. Omar Osman Nur
20. Mohamed Abdi Jeele (Katimba)
21. Ali Aden Elmi
22. Khadar Diriye Naaleeye
23. Da’ud Abshir Faanka
24. Hassan Ali Rooble